Welcome to People and Animals in the Workplace: professional development offerings – a joint initiative from Dr Kate Mornement, Dr Vanessa Rohlf & Mia Cobb.

Behaviour, Welfare & Wellbeing Seminar for Animal Shelter workers
May 23, 2018   (Melbourne)



People and Animals in the Workplace (PAW) is a collaborative initiative from three specialists who saw the need for accessible and practical professional development offerings to people who work with animals.: Dr Kate Mornement, Mia Cobb and Dr Vanessa Rohlf deliver the latest evidence based understanding in animal behaviour, training, welfare and human wellbeing.

As well as hosting open attendance seminars, we can tailor workplace sessions to meet the specific needs of the people and animals in your organisation. Get in touch via the contact page to discuss your training needs.



People and Animals in the Workplace invites you to attend this carefully curated professional development and learning opportunity, designed specifically for the animal sheltering sector.

Behaviour, Welfare and Wellbeing for Animal Shelter Workers

23 May 2018

Waratah Room, The Whitehorse Centre
Nunawading (Melbourne)

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We’d love to discuss your workplace professional development needs. PAW offer specific training solutions tailored to the people and animals in your workplace.

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Dr Kate Mornement
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Dr Vanessa Rohlf
Consultant, Counsellor & Educator to Animal Caregivers
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Mia Cobb
Animal Welfare Researcher, Consultant & Science Communicator
Working Dog Alliance (Australia)
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